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Your platform is your canvas. We'll give you a bigger canvas and help you fill it.

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Supercharging your revenue stream

Business Opportunities
Here at Acifin we specialise in finding new business opportunities for you. There are always new ways to capitalise on your audience in a way unique to you, and we're experts in planning and executing these new businesses.

We teamed up with Jay Swingler to launch a mobile app business, and are working with Jay on several other new businesses and projects. We've teamed up with another YouTuber to develop their console video game and trading cards.

We aren't afraid to take on huge projects and investing in your future. Contact us if you want to learn more about how we can make your dreams happen.

We can assist influencers with any or all stages of bringing merchandise to market in any country.

We can team you up with designers who will help you design clothing and accessories your fans will wear as a badge of honour.

Our network of suppliers and service providers mean that we can find you the cheapest deals and make sure your margins stay as high as possible while sourcing base products, printers and embroiders.

Our sales method allows you to keep more profit from each sale and have your merchendise distributed the day after purchase, as well as having returns and exchanges taken care of for you.
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Career Management

Brand Opportunities
As an influencer with Acifin, you have an opportunity to work with some world-leading brands. You can expect sponsorships, product placement and advertising deals, as well as invites to exclusive events.

Live Events
Want to host a gig? Go on tour? Throw a pop up store? Get in touch to find out how we can help make it happen.

Social Development
We work with our talent directly on increasing their clout. Let us come up with your personal growth strategy today so you can earn more from your audience.

Communication Management
Inundated with emails? Too many opportunities for you to possibly filter through on your own? No problem. All influencers who use any of our services can ask brands to contact us directly. We will evaluate all of the opportunities available and only contact you if there is something we know you will be interested in.
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